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You`ve landed at the right place if you are a creative, a scientist, a person with a great idea you know must have a proof to be defended if anybody else is trying to copy. Copyrights, Patents and Trademarks are a delicate field and there`s endless struggle every in the world. Courts are held busy with all the hate people point at each others due to unclear heritage of who really had the idea first. Understandably you might not be in a financial position (yet) to patent or trademark your heureka moments on an international basis and are looking for an affordable way to proof the world you`ve had this idea first.

Legal stuff

Or also if you`ve landed on this site like many professionals, colleagues of yours from agencies or law-offices, securing some extra advantage over competitors and give their clients some extra service with our super secure cloud-lockers. Be assured you`ve all come here for the right reasons. You are looking for a way to register a proven way of having an idea first.

Think of it as a do-it-now-addition to your registering process in patent, trademark and intellectual property centers.


Maybe you have this heureka moment right now that will generate you millions of $$$s. But your actual financial situation wouldn`t allow you to exploit your idea right away. Let alone secure it on a patent/trademark/public basis. So probably you wouldn`t be able to register a proper patent, trademark, etc. and could risk losing your idea and the proof of existence, as it happened to millions of people. Ask your friends, there`s at least one close friend of yours who will assure you that he was the first to have this big idea... then Mc Burger copied him... See... that should`t happen to you. You are now doing the right thing. Register and proof you had this idea first.

We will do it!

Moneywise and timewise -as these processes can take up to 10 years- you be better off signing up with this service and securely upload all your potential ideas, drawings, trademarks, songs, poems, franchise-ideas, etc... After uploading to your unique numbered private security locker, your file will be "stamped" with a date and owner-certificate. Nobody can touch this data ever. Nobody will see your data ever. It`s securely encrypted and locked in our security centers. You are the only person who will have the key-access-code to your files in case you once will need a proof of you being the first to have had this idea, trademark, logo, text, lyric, music, technical innovation, etc...

What are you waiting for? Competition isn`t sleeping!